Sponsor Kiddush

Wedding Cake by Simone Clay

Wedding Cake by Simone Clay

Please consider sponsoring Kiddush, a time to sanctify Shabbat, reunite as a community, and refresh ourselves before the walk home. Sponsoring a kiddush is a wonderful mitzvah and can be dedicated to any number of occasions — births, birthdays, graduations, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, honoring our loved ones at a yahrzeit, or as a way of expressing gratitude for anything in our lives. It’s easy to arrange and you don’t even need to be present, although we hope you will be! To reserve your preferred date, please contact the kiddush coordinator, Simone Monnier Clay, at  kiddush@kitcsacramento.org. Thank you!

Basic Kiddush Sponsorship ($75.00)
1 cholent
2 challahs
1 box cookies
1 box crackers
2 sodas
1 bag chips
grape juice for kiddush

Sponsorship payments can be made online. Use the Contributions and Dedications Form and note “Kiddush”  and the date in the Comments portion of the form. Alternatively, mail a check to KITC with a note on the memo line for “kiddush sponsorship” (P.O. Box 255503, Sacramento, CA 95865).

Sponsors who wish to supply additional items may purchase products and cakes with approved hashgacha or order prepared foods with a kosher caterer. Contact one of these caterers to arrange for the preparation of additional food:
Sponsors who wish to prepare items at KITC must review the KITC Kitchen Policy
If you wish to use the KI Kitchen to prepare Kiddush fare, you must first watch a three-part series on kashrut. The first session will discuss kosher symbols, the second session will cover Shabbat and holidays, and the third session will cover meat, dairy, and pareve. All those who work in the KI kitchen or desire to are required to attend these sessions. Please contact the Rabbi if you wish to watch the recorded sessions.