Rabbi Evan Rubin

Dear KI family,

I am very excited to become the rabbi of your congregation, and my entire family is looking forward to our upcoming move to Sacramento. I am rooted in the world of Jewish communal life, and I am hopeful of expanding my horizons in Northern California. My wife Kerry is an experienced educator in both K-12 and college settings, and we know that she will find a niche for herself. Our daughters Chana and Penina, entering grades 6 and 7 in the fall, are anxiously awaiting our arrival in their new home. We will see if we can convince our recent college graduate Rochie to join us as well.

With the scenario of Covid-19, we cannot yet be completely certain of our arrival date, but we hope, with Hashem’s help, to join the congregation this August. G-d willing we will see you then.

Rabbi Evan B. Rubin