groundsAnnual Membership Dues
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  • Family Membership: $1500
  • Single Membership: $750
  • Associate Membership: $450**

**For full members of another local synagogue

There are no financial commitments beyond dues for membership at KITC. Dues can be paid by check, cash or credit card and can be split into monthly, quarterly, or custom payments. Please mail a check to KITC (P.O. Box 255503, Sacramento, CA 95865), use the Membership Payment Form below, or call the office at (916) 481-1159. If the cost of dues poses a substantial burden, you are encouraged to contact the president or Rabbi to request a dues adjustment or alternative trade agreement.

Benefits of Membership

  • High Holiday Seat Membership Pricing
  • Voting Rights
  • Family Membership includes 2 votes
  • Single Membership includes 1 vote
  • Associate Membership includes no voting rights

Your membership IN PART supports daily Minyanim, Shabbat and Holiday Services, educational courses, our Scholar in Residence Program, facilities maintenance including the Sacramento Community Mikveh, and Rabbinical services. Additional donations are always welcome to further fund theses programs.

For more information or to initiate a Membership Application, please call the KITC office at
(916) 481-1159 or email .

For billing questions, changes, or to check the status of your contribution, please contact