The recommended donation for high holiday seats is $125 for members and $180 for non-members. Students are welcome at no cost.

Shabbat Sukkot Chol Hamoed
FRIDAY, September 24
(no Kabbalat Shabbat this week due to Sukkot)
Friday night services: 6:40 PM
Shabbat candle lighting: 6:40 PM

SATURDAY, September 25
Shabbat service: 9:15 AM, followed by Kiddush
Shabbat ends: 7:37 PM
Saturday evening service: 7:50 PM

Sukkot Melava Malka in the KI Sukkah: 8:30 PM
Free family event, no RSVP needed (see details below)

MONDAY, September 27
Candle lighting: 6:36 PM
Services: 6:40 PM

TUESDAY, September 28
Shacharit: 9:15 AM, followed by Kiddush
Mincha: 6:40 PM
Maariv followed by hakafot: 7:00 PM

TUESDAY, September 28
Candle lighting: 7:32 PM

WEDNESDAY, September 29
Shacharit and Hakafot: 9:15 AM
Yom Tov ends, Havdalah: 7:30 PM
Maariv: 7:45 PM

Weekday Shacharit Services
Sunday 9/26 8:30 AM,
Thursday 9/23, Friday 9/24, Monday 9/27 6:30 AM