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SMountain Jews: A Personal, Professional, and Historical Exploration
with Arieh David Scharnberg
Tea and Snacks will be provided
Date: December 19th
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: KI Beit Midrash

A few hundred years after the destruction of the 2nd Temple, Jews fled Babylon and Persia and sought refuge in the Caucasus Mountains. Today, small communities of Juhuri (Judeo-Persian) speaking ‘Mountain Jews’ still live in the Caucasus, most notably in Azerbaijan.  Theirs is a story of Jewish history dating back over 1500 years, and a community still re-discovering itself after the fall of Soviet rule.

Arieh David Scharnberg was born in Israel to American Reform Jewish parents, raised in far Northern California (where he encountered and identified with the term ‘Mountain Jew’), and made aliyah 6 years ago. With an academic background in Environment, Anthropology, and Business, he has sought to combine those disciplines in various forms throughout his young career: as an environmental water quality scientist for a Native American tribe, a mountain guide for international youth in Switzerland, agri-tech business development, and now Moreshet Adventures, a project to bring small groups on unique, culturally intimate adventures to some of the more remote and lesser-known stories of the Jewish Diaspora and the cultures amongst which they have lived.


January 4, February 1, March 1
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