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Shiur with Rabbi Joel Zeff Thursday, June 28
8pm,  June 28 at the home of Janis and Jonathan Lightman

Kenesset Israel Torah Center will welcome back our previous rabbi, Rabbi Joel Zeff for an evening shiur entitled “Original Sin: Whose Fault?” We will try to identify the first mitzvah given to humanity and understand the vast significance of this foundational paradigm for the relationship between God and us.  The implications of this analysis are truly momentous and life-changing.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend this shiur.


SAVE THE DATES… July 13-14
Shabbaton with speaker, Tanya Faber
Yeshivat Maharat Class of ’20

7:00 pm Kabbalat Shabbat Services, 8:00 pm Dinner and presentation
“Subversive Spirituality: Initiative and Mikdash”
Dinner catered by Gilah’s Kosher – Adult $20 – Young family special price $25

9:15 am Services, including Drasha on Matot-Maasei
7:30 pm Seudah Shlishit learning:
“Yirat Hashem” Fear of G-d beyond the punitive or awesome”

Contact to RSVP.
View the flyer here.


SAVE THE DATES… July 18-29
Rabbi Shaya and Hindy Ungar, of the Torah uMesorah SEED program will be in residence at KI.