COVID Policy

KITC COVID Guidelines
Thank you in advance for respecting the rules of the shul.

All who attend events at KITC must be fully vaccinated and with the booster they qualify for as recommended by the State of California and the CDC.

Surgical or N95 masks should be worn at all times, both indoors and outside, should cover the mouth and nose, and should be removed only to take a bite of food or a sip of liquid. Surgical masks are available at the door for those who need them. Please do not wear fabric masks on the KI campus at this time.

Doors should remain open, as tolerated, for improved ventilation.

Six feet distancing is recommended.

Hand sanitizer is available at appropriate locations.

Unless food is individually packaged, only a single person wearing both gloves and a mask should serve food; hand sanitizer should be made available at the serving area as an alternative when a dedicated server is not possible.