12 September 2022 🍎 16 Elul 5782

Dear Kenesset Israel Torah Center Friends,

The chagim are a most auspicious time when we come together as a community to renew and recharge our connection to G-d, Torah, our families, and community.

We hope you will join us! In addition to our services, we have special holiday events planned: a Kiddush luncheon on the first day of Rosh Hashana sponsored by Farah Halimi, a Sukkot luncheon, and a Sukkot Melave Malka. Please see our schedule below, attached here (as a downloadable and printable flyer), or on our website for times and information.

One main theme for the Yomim Noraim, is Tshuvah, Tefilah, and Tzedakah. These are the areas that we refocus on in order to grow and become better people. It is a time when many show their gratitude with donations.

At KITC, the High Holidays normally provide many different opportunities to give and support our kehillah through aliyot, misheberach, yizkor, seats, and a Yom Kippur appeal. Please consider making a High Holiday donation of whatever amount is possible for you. We depend on these High Holiday donations for a significant part of our operating budget. The recommended donation for seats is $125 for members and $180 for non-members.

We are grateful to have Rabbi Evan Rubin as our Rabbi. In addition to class offerings and services, Rabbi Rubin is available for pastoral counseling, advice, and the general well-being
of our community.

With your help and participation, KITC can remain a vital institution in our community.

Wishing you renewed strength and good health in 5783.

Simone Monnier Clay,
Enny Melman,
Morissa Rubin,


KITC is a Modern Orthodox synagogue in Sacramento, California. Founded in 1982, this community-based institution prides itself as a center of Torah learning for the entire community. We represent an eclectic group of people who are interested in growing and developing our Torah knowledge and Torah observance through study, public prayer and social events. KITC is a member of the Orthodox Union.

Morissa Rubin, Simone Clay, Nathaniel Melman, Co-Presidents

(916) 481-1159, office@kitcsacramento.org

For information about using our facilities, please contact the President.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 255503, Sacramento, CA 95865
Physical Address:
1165 Morse Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95864
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